Polaris Sportsman ATVs | Mankato, MN

Polaris Sportsman ATVs:

Unlock your wildest outdoor adventures with a Sportsman.

As the best-selling automatic 4x4 ATV series of all time, you’re sure to love the smooth ride the Polaris Sportsman delivers. No matter your needed size, application, or price point, there is a unique Sportsman for every rider.

Vetter Sales & Service carries a wide selection of Polaris Sportsman ATVs. Browse some of our most popular models below, or stop in to experience one in person today.

Which Sportsman is Right for Me?

Learn about our various Sportsman models below to find out!

Recreation / Utility Models

The Recreation and Utility Series ranges from the Sportsman 450 to 570. As the most affordable option, you can still expect the legendary ride and performance you'd receive from any Polaris vehicle, at a steal.

Sport / Utility Models

Whether you’re working hard on the farm or playing rough on the trails, Sport and Utility Models are sure to give you the smoothest, most refined ride every time. Enjoy unstoppable towing and load capability with a new level of power and performance. Do more, ride more, and enjoy more on a Sport model.

2-Seater / Touring Models

Share the legendary Sportsman experience with our 2-Up models. Built with the hardest-working features and the smooth Sportsman riding attributes, you’ll have the versatility to ride alone or with a friend.

Mud / Sport Models

Take control of the trails on our full line-up of Mud and Sport Models. Expect superior performance and fun rides in the dirtiest, roughest trails in the area.

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