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Polaris Youth ATVs

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Sometimes the powersports passion strikes at a young age. Maybe your kids grew up watching you conquer the trail and became hooked. Maybe it's the pastime of their friends and they want to join in. Maybe they are blazing their own trail and being the first to pursue powersports. Whatever their reason, it's exciting to help foster their passion. But you're still a parent who worries about their safety out on the open roads. After all, they are riding a powerful machine on difficult territory. You can rest assured when your child is riding a Polaris Youth ATV. These are designed with younger riders in mind, which means all the proper safety precautions are taken. There are plenty of features to ease the mind of even the most anxious parent. But they still pack all the thrills and adrenaline rushes you expect with Polaris. For smaller riders, they are best to stick with the 50cc to 90cc range. For larger riders, they can browse through models in the 250cc and 300cc range.

When your child is ready to shop for a model, bring them to Vetter Sales and Service. We carry a range of Polaris Youth ATVs for all budgets and riding levels. We are located in Kasota, Minnesota.

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Polaris Sportsman

The Polaris Sportsman provides everything your youth needs to hit the trails with confidence. This includes features and accessories such as a youth helmet, safety tether, and speed limiting adjusted. It's a great model for anyone just entering the powersports lifestyle. It even comes with a training DVD that you can watch together to go over the rules of the road.

Polaris Outlaw

If your child is ten years or older, the Polaris Outlaw is a good fit. They'll enjoy greater control, which gives you greater peace of mind about their safety. It runs off a 112cc engine, which packs enough power without being out of control. This ATV also comes with a youth helmet, safety whip flag, and standard daytime running lamps to improve their visibility.

Polaris Phoenix

If your child is 14 years or older, the Polaris Phoenix offers everything they need for a fun trail ride without having too much power. It offers automatic PVT transmission, standard safety features, and easy handling. It's powered by a 196cc engine with 2WD. IT also offers an electric start and a parent-adjustable speed limiter.

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