Polaris Switchback Snowmobiles

Polaris Switchback Snowmobiles

Take on Groomed Trails as well as Deep Backcountry powder.

Polaris Switchback Snowmobiles are up for any winter adventure. Every outdoor terrain turns into your playground for an unforgettable winter sports season. Available in a variety of models, every Switchback offers ultimate cornering and handling, race performance, big bump control, and much more.

Vetter Sales & Service is the sixth oldest Polaris dealership in the nation, located in Kasota, MN. Trust us with all our Polaris purchases and service needs. Our passion for the sport and our products will ensure you're matched with the right Polaris Snowmobile for you.

Assault Model

The Assault Switchback is known for its aggressiveness that backcountry riders need. Enjoy off-trail agility and on-trail confidence.

Switchback Pro X

The Pro-X offers comfortable big bump control and is predominantly built for stand-up riders. Dominate ditches and moguls this winter.

Switchback XCR

The XCR is race-ready, offering extreme performance on the toughest terrains. Feel the speed and handling to turn every trail into a track.

Switchback SP

Enjoy a true 50/50 crossover in the Switchback SP. This model is perfect for riders seeking absolute versatility on the trail.

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